Page 11 - The Anatomy of the Central Texas Job Seeker - June 5 a
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Are you receiving any form of public assistance?

     o 13.4% Yes
     o 86.6% No


From where are you accessing our website?

     o 63% From Home or Dormitory
     o 31% From a Workforce Center
     o 3% From Place of Employment
     o 3% From Public Area (Library or other locations with Wi-Fi access)


Where are you willing to look for employment?

     o 43.48% Within a 10 mile Radius
     o 29.35% Within a 30 mile Radius
     o 18.48% Within a 60 mile Radius
     o 4.35% Nationally
     o 2.17% Statewide
     o 2.17% Internationally


Do you have Tattoos or other visible markings or piercings?

     o 78.57% No
     o 14.29% Yes
     o 7.14% NoYB (None of Your Business)

Job Seeker Career Awareness

In these questions I wanted to get an idea of how career aware this group is. Are they career-
aware enough to plot their desired career progression or are they subscribers of my “Ping-
Pong” theory (bouncing back and forth – getting the first available job with no, or little, career

Do you have a career goal?

             o 69.07% Yes
             o 17.53% Kinda, but probably need to explore more
             o 13.4% No

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