Page 12 - The Anatomy of the Central Texas Job Seeker - June 5 a
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Do you make your employment decisions based on a career trajectory or the immediate need
to get a job?

    o 73.12% Immediate need of Job
    o 26.88% Career trajectory


If you have a career goal, at which point of the journey towards that goal are you?
    o 46.46% At the Beginning
    o 25.29% Well on the Way
    o 14.14% Have no Goal
    o 5.05% Closing in on it
    o 5.05% I’ve arrived

Is your job seeking emphasis on how to successfully look for a job or for you to know how to
successfully navigate your career advancement?

    o 53.54% Know how to successfully navigate my career advancement
    o 46.46% Know how to successfully look for a job


What resources do you mostly use for your career decisions?
    o 61.62% Internet
    o 27.27% Workforce Centers
    o 6.06% Friends
    o 4.04% Educational Professionals (Career Counselors, Teachers, etc)
    o 1.01% Other


Have you ever received professional assessment on your career choices to see if there is a fit?
    o 58.16% No
    o 41.84% Yes

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