Page 15 - The Anatomy of the Central Texas Job Seeker - June 5 a
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If you have visited one of our workforce centers, which one?
    o 56.16% Killeen
    o 36.99% Temple
    o 4.11% Rockdale
    o 2.74% Lampasas


If you have used one of our workforce centers, how likely is it that you would recommend us to friend or

    o On a scale of 1 (No Way) to 10 (Very Likely), the average score was 7.9.


If you have used one of our workforce centers, how helpful did you find the staff?
    o 65.22% Very helpful
    o 19.57% Somewhat helpful
    o 10.87% Helpful
    o 4.35% Not helpful

Are you aware of the assistance in our Business Resource Center if you are contemplating starting or
expanding your own business?

    o 54.35% No
    o 45.65% Yes

Job Search Knowledge and Methodologies

In this section I wanted to explore how familiar the respondents were with generally accepted job
search procedures.

How did you find your last job?
    o 47.78% Friend/Family member
    o 20% Internet Job Posting sites
    o 11.00% “Cold-calling” by telephone or visit
    o 7.78% Newspaper ads
    o 6.67% Assistance from workforce centers
    o 5.56% Job Fairs
    o 1.11% School placement office

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