Page 17 - The Anatomy of the Central Texas Job Seeker - June 5 a
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Do you have an active (visited within the last 90 days) account with Texas’ WorkInTexas web site?
    o 68.37% Yes
    o 23.47% No
    o 8.16% was unaware that account had to be kept current.

Where do you access a computer?

    o 66.67 have own computer
    o 15.15% workforce centers
    o 9.09% use friend’s/relative’s computer
    o 6.06% Library or other public access
    o 3.03 Place of employment
Should have asked this question to allow multiple responses.

Do you prefer services to be offered through self-service or human assistance?
    o 68.04% Human assistance
    o 31.96% Self-service

On how many on-line job sites (WorkInTexas, TheLadders, Career Alerter, etc) are you registered?

    o 11.46% None
    o 15.63% One
    o 17.71% Two
    o 55.21% Three+
If you have ever been laid off and received unemployment insurance, at which time frame would you
start actively looking for employment?
    o 88.54% Immediately
    o 4.17% Two to three weeks
    o 2.08% Four to six weeks
    o 2.08% Seven to eight weeks
    o 3.13% Nine+ weeks

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