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This document is the result of a survey given to job seekers in our Central Texas area (Bell, Coryell, Hamilton,
Lampasas, Milam, Mills and San Saba counties) who accessed our services through the service delivery
platform of utilizing our Internet website ( ). In this study the attempt was
made to define the characteristics of archetype job seekers or potential job seekers to determine both
unique and common factors in their makeup. “Know Your Customer” is a proven method utilized in
successful marketing to offer more boutique and targeted services to the customer.

Towards this end, one hundred questions on job search related topics and associated attitudes were
designed and submitted to one hundred of our on-line customers via the survey which was available on our
Home Page. Response was overwhelming but due to restrictions, put in place beforehand, only the first one
hundred responses were incorporated in the final results. In capturing the job seekers online I found that I
also captured those in our brick/mortar career centers who were accessing the internet through the
computers located there. Due to the success of this survey a greater number of responses will be gathered in
future surveys.

Survey questions to the respondents were divided into the following categories:

      General Demographics – An attempt to discern the demographics of the Central Texas Job Seeker
          and how they relate to the general population.

      Current Job Seeker Status – An attempt to determine what the respondent’s current status is in
          relationship to their Job Seeking venture.

      Job Seeker Career Awareness – An attempt to determine their career awareness.
      Employment History – Determining their employment experience. This does not cover particular

      Workforce Center Experience – Gathering the impressions of staff and services for those who have

          used our physical workforce centers.
      Job Search Knowledge & Methodology – An attempt to determine how well versed in Job Search

          procedures and methodologies the respondents were.
      Getting Personal - Gathering more intimate knowledge of their thoughts and attitudes during their

          Job Seeking endeavor.

Results by Categories

General Demographics

The male/female percentage (53.61% female and 46.39% male) pretty much coincided with Texas’ 2013
census figures of 50.3% female and 49.7% male.

The age grouping showed that over 54% of the respondents were 40+ years of age; and, if you added the 30
to 39 year age group that percentage goes up to 76%. A contributing factor for the high percentage of older

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