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The “lifetime number of jobs held” show around 67% of our respondents held four or more jobs. 32% of
respondents have held eight or more. Bureau of Labor statistics reports that from ages 18 to 44, men held
11.4 jobs and women held 10.7 jobs. Our survey question did not include respondent’s ages.
Pay rates are in line with local job postings on . Average income in Bell county is $22,722
(according to Wikipedia, Texas locations per capita income), that’s around $11/hr.
21.88% of respondents stated that they face hiring difficulties because of criminal events in their past. This
would indicate a larger number than the national average according to the National Institute of Justice which
show that felonies about 6.5%. This is hard to compare since our survey question did not define “criminal
For those that have collected Unemployment Insurance the majority of those who responded said they had
no problems with the process and did run into difficulties.
 Workforce Center Experience
Respondents were knowledgeable of the locations of our career center. 80% have visited one. 93% were
satisfied with the staff/customer interaction and the majority would recommend our services to others. One
possible room for improvement involves greater marketing of the services provided by our Business Resource
Job Search Knowledge & Methodology
This section is an attempt to determine how well versed in Job Search procedures and methodologies the
respondents were.
Most respondents have adequate knowledge of job search activities as well as the knowledge, skills, and
tools such as resumes, interviewing techniques, identifying and targeting job openings and the skills needed
to research companies.
The majority are registered with WorkInTexas, found it easy to use and registered by themselves without any
assistance and had active accounts. Over 55% are registered with 3+ Internet job sites. They are also familiar
with social media and make frequent use of it.
The majority found their previous job through friends or family member, which is still the most effective
method to find employment.
They are comfortable with their job search knowledge, have realistic wage expectations and current resumes
which they had completed by themselves.
They know how to research companies, relate their skills, and have adequate computer skills. Optimism that
there are enough employment opportunities in the Central Texas area is at 70%.

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